Space is a Doubt

Mille Guldbeck SiaD POSTCARD.jpg

Loftworks Gallery presents a collection of artwork from Mille Guldbeck, entitled "Space is a Doubt". Featuring textures and soft colors from works created while in Iceland and Finland, she transforms space into something quiet and beckoning. Consider space, surface, and texture with us during the last of the winter months. We welcome you to meet Guldbeck and see her pieces during the opening on March 3rd from 5:30-9:00 pm. Loftworks Gallery will continue to display "Space is a Doubt" from March 3- March 18, 2018 during gallery hours or by appointment. 

Currently a full professor of painting at Bowling Green State University, Guldbeck completed her MFA at the University of Iowa in 1995. Prior to that time she lived and worked in both Denmark and the former Yugoslavia developing sensibilities that continue to inform her work. As a painter and printmaker, Guldbeck’s work seeks to exploit conditions of visual and psychological indeterminacy. The work explores the complicated relationships of ordering and our need to make sense out of very complex, non-hierarchical systems.

Recent exhibitions include Artemisia Gallery and Melanee Cooper Gallery in Chicago, University of Northern Iowa, Samuel Morse Museum and Historic Site in New York and Toyahashi Museum in Japan.